Discover the magic of the Nativity

Come visit our extraordinary Nativity Museum and immerse yourself in the magic of this Christmas tradition. In an exciting journey through the wonders of our cultural heritage, you can admire nativity scenes of different styles, sizes and materials. Discover the stories behind these handcrafted masterpieces and be enchanted by the attention to detail and creativity of our artists. The Nativity Museum is waiting for you to have a unique experience.

For five days, Seville is the capital of the Nativity.

From the American continent to Europe: nativity associations from eighteen countries around the world gathered in Seville for the international conference that falls in the very year of the commemoration of the 800th anniversary of St. Francis' Greccio nativity scene....

Francesco Londonio – Et in arcadia ego

Large attendance at the presentation in Erba (CO) of the book on crib painter Francesco Londonio. A very large audience participated in the late afternoon of Saturday, October 7, in the presentation of the book "FRANCESCO LONDONIO ET IN ARCADIA EGO" Several...

Origins of the nativity scene

The birth of the nativity scene in Italy is traced back to the re-enactment of Christmas set up by St. Francis in Greccio on the night of December 24, 1223. In fact, the representation of the Nativity already finds a place in early Christian art with pictorial, mosaic...

What is the origin of the word crib?

From Latin praesepium, meaning crib, manger, but also enclosed enclosure where sheep and goats were kept.The term is composed of prae (before) and saepes (enclosure), meaning a place that has an enclosure in front of it. In the late Latin of the early evangelical...



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